Watber Bwola Women Group has a number of projects whose target is to achieve our mission and goals. Agriculture and micro finance (financial empowerment) are projects that are currently running. Other projects such as rural tree planting project and social empowerment are to be implemented when we secure funding.


The agriculture project aims at transitioning farming systems from usage of time wasting and energy-draining farming tools like hoes, to a more mechanized and sustainable farming system that uses ox-ploughs and agricultural equipments to cultivate the land. The agriculture project is currently in operation, and members of the women group use ox-ploughs to clear farmlands, and plant food and cash crops.

Women’s group activity of cultivation by ploughing and planting crops, contributes to achieving sustainable development goals. Foto: Janani Oyat Ogwok.

The women save energy and time by using ox-plough, and also increase output and productivity of food and cash crops. The women group practice organic farming in their individual small holder farms, and they grow traditional food crops for consumption, and cash crops like cotton is grown for sale to local cooperative societies.

The community-based charity organization plans to encourage women farmers in the agriculture project to practice and promote agro-forestry; where fruit trees, food crops and cash crops can be planted in the same farm. Agro-forestry is beneficial in providing increased crop output, and ecosystems services to the community.

Tree planting

Watber Bwola Women Group plans to implement tree planting to protect the environment and increase economies of families. The organization plans to distribute various tree seedlings to the women for planting. Tree planting controls climate change which affects agriculture through variability in weather and high temperatures. It is complex for women small-holder farmers to predict when the rains will fall or not.

The tree planting project will also create a platform to sensitize families on the impacts of extreme bush burning on agriculture and environment as a whole.

Bee keeping project

The charity organization plans to promote tree planting to act as climate buffers and homes to bees. Tree planting (forestry) will boost bee keeping as an economic activity in the villages. Increased numbers of bees will also promote agriculture by improving crop pollination.

Micro finance

The project is actively running in Bwola village. Members of the women group save and borrow money from the micro finance project. The micro finance project is financially empowering women, giving them the ability to provide education and health care to their children, families; and changing the community.

Social empowerment 

In this project, the organization plans to give families a platform to promote social justice through raising community awareness on children’s rights to education, women’s rights to own and have a voice on property, community right to live in and keep the environment clean, domestic violence and its impacts on families.