About us

Watber Bwola Women Group is a registered community-based charity organization whose goal is to eradicate family hunger, poverty and social, economic and environmental injustices in the community. Watber Bwola Women Group supports resource-deficient rural women in the sector of agricultural production as well as other income generating activities.  The objective is to support women to participate in fighting family hunger and eradicate poverty in their community.

The community-based charity organization aims to cooperate with the community, local NGOs and district services; to raise the rural environmental standards and achieve sustainable development.

The charity organization works to achieve above sustainable development goals and contribute to community development.

Watber Bwola Women Group is located in Padibe town council, Lamwo district in northern Uganda. For over two decades, northern Uganda region was severely disturbed by war of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) which; caused negative results that includes increase in the number of child mothers, widows, widowers, orphans, and elderly people taking care of orphans in severe poverty in the region. The community-based charity organization supports 45 households in Bwola village. The organization plans to seek funding, and expand to support more women and children in other villages in Lamwo and Kitgum districts.


Our Mission

Watber Bwola Women Group has a mission to support rural women in raising the quality of the environment through strengthening sustainable agricultural practices that increase productivity, and in turn raises women’s incomes, and wipes out hunger in communities.