Agriculture project

The agriculture project aims at transitioning farming systems from usage of time wasting and energy-draining farming tools like hoes, to a more mechanized and sustainable farming system that uses ox-ploughs and agricultural equipments to cultivate the land. The agriculture project is currently in operation, and members of the women group use ox-ploughs to clear farmlands, and plant food and cash crops.

Women’s group activity of cultivation by ploughing and planting crops, contributes to achieving sustainable development goals. Foto: Janani Oyat Ogwok.

The women save energy and time by using ox-plough, and also increase output and productivity of food and cash crops. The women group practice organic farming in their individual small holder farms, and they grow traditional food crops for consumption, and cash crops like cotton is grown for sale to local cooperative societies.

The community-based charity organization plans to encourage women farmers in the agriculture project to practice and promote agro-forestry; where fruit trees, food crops and cash crops can be planted in the same farm. Agro-forestry is beneficial in providing increased crop output, and ecosystems services to the community.

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